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FireWolfe - FireWolfe 

FireWolfe: FireWolfe



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Metal the way it ought to be.

“We should do a band project together.”

Twin-guitar fueled melodic metal with powerful vocals–this is FireWolfe.

Being friends and mutual fans of each other’s music and guitar playing, a new band was formed out of a conversation Nick Layton and Paul Kleff had in early 2010. The two shared many guitar and musical influences and immediately started to lay the groundwork and musical vision for a new band.

Without having a full band put together yet, Paul and Nick began writing music together. Heavy, melodic and powerful music with an emphasis on great songs with killer guitar work. The ultimate goal was to have a band that made the kind of music that they would want to listen to and an album that they would want to buy.

As the writing progressed, the focus shifted to finding the right voice for the music. A heavy, melodic and powerful voice that would not only fit the style of music that was being created, but would also be able to take the rough songs and turn them into world-class melodic metal.

One name kept coming up over and over again—veteran rock/metal vocalist David Fefolt.

Some phone calls were made, rough tracks were sent over, and David was immediately on board as the voice and front man of the band—“I think between us we could make something really special out of this.”

Heavy, loud, melodic and full of hook-laden guitar work–this is FireWolfe.


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