THE PACK IS BACK! The Return of U.S. Traditional Melodic Metallers.... FIREWOLFE!

With two critically acclaimed albums ( "FireWolfe" - <2011 Firewolfe/Rubicon>, and "We Rule The Night" - <2014 Limb Music> ) planting a firm flag, marking their place in metal history, the band that originally formed as "strictly a recording project" now secures and introduces its permanent lineup, prepares a new album and promises to bring the powerful music of FIREWOLFE to the world through long awaited live dates!  

Guitar virtuoso NICK LAYTON, founder and principle songwriter for FIREWOLFE has hand-selected a world-class group of metal veterans to complete the extraordinary lineup including bassist BOBBY FERKOVICH (Presto Ballet, Heir Apparent, Pamela Moore Band) who appeared on the sophomore FIREWOLFE album, lead guitarist MICHAEL DAVID (TKO), drummer JEFFREY McCORMACK (Q5, Fifth Angel, Heir Apparent, TKO)  and last but certainly not least, amazing new vocalist (to be announced SHORTLY!  STAY TUNED!!!)

Writing of the new album is nearing completion in Seattle, Washington with hopes of a late summer / early fall release, and tour dates to follow. First confirmed dates to be announced in mid-March 2020!   

Members of FIREWOLFE will be appearing as "Guest DJs" on Norway's Metal Express Radio ( February 7, and will be appearing on New York's "The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show" ( with Mike Catricola on February 9!  

Fans worldwide can keep up with all things FIREWOLFE, the new album and future performance dates  via the band's brand new official web site at, or their official facebook page at

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