1. Where were you born?  Seattle, WA
2. Other bands you've been in?  James Byrd's Atlantis Rising, Phoenixx, Bonetowne, Sonic Therapy, Invader, Danger City 
3. Prized instrument you own?  Zeppelin drum set, Gibson and Fender beauties
4. Favorite albums?  :Classic Heavy 70's
5. Favorite Books? Motivational, Spiritual, Rock bios, US Andersen
6. Favorite Movies? By: Cronenberg, Tarantino, Lynch, Scorcese 
7. Favorite food(s)?  Asian, Mexican
8. Favorite places : Thailand, Mexico, Caribbean, Virgin Islands (what virgins?)
9. Hobbies?  Swimming, biking, hanging with the dog, music, more music
10. What do you NOT like? Garlic
11. Anything else you would like the fans to know? Without music, life would be far less interesting...I am also a multi-instrumentalist, and have written, recorded and independently released a large amount of solo material. I (usually) sing and play all instruments, and these songs can be found on Youtube.



1. Where were you born?  Rantoul, Illinois
2. Other bands you've been in?   Q5, Layton & Martin (Roxology)
3. Prized instrument you own?  My Chubtone Racing Stripe guitar, Friedman JJ Jr
4. Favorite albums?  Savatage : "Hall Of The Mountain King", Queensryche : "Rage For Order", Dokken : "Under Lock & Key", Vinnie Moore : "Time Odyssey", Yngwie Malmsteen : "Marching Out"  , Accept : "Balls To The Wall", MSG: "Assault Attack (first two MSG records.... love Schenker!), King's X: "Dogman", Scorpions: "Blackout", Symphony X: "Paradise Lost", TNT: "Knights of the New Thunder", Van Halen: "Fair Warning", Eric Gales: "Good For Sumthin", ..too many more to name!
5. Favorite Books?  The Bible, "On Writing" by Stephen King, ...styles of books I like: Historical fiction, Music Biography, Christian Living, Inspirational
6. Favorite Movies? "Dead Poets Society", Amadeus", "Life" (w/ Eddie Murphy), "Spinal Tap", "Gladiator", "Lord Of The Rings"(all!) ... too many to list!
7. Favorite food(s)?  Pizza, Thai, Mexican, COFFEE!
8. Favorite places traveled?  I love the desert southwest US (Arizona, California). Also love the beach...the Oregon Coast rules!
9. Hobbies?  Love to lift weights and run outside (when the weather is nice!), reading, watching the NFL (GO HAWKS!)
10. What do you NOT like?  SUSHI!
11. Anything else you would like the fans to know?  Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.



1. Where were you born?  La Jolla, California
2. Other bands you've been in?  Laceration, Liquid Fire, Darkhorse, One Gun Shy, TKO
3. Prized instrument you own? Les Paul Standard and my Kemper Profiler
4. Favorite albums?  "Van Halen 2" - Van Halen, "Diary Of A Madman" - Ozzy Osbourne, "Rising Force" - Yngwie Malmsteen, "Animosity" - Sevendust, "Dark Side of the Moon" - Pink Floyd
5. Favorite Books? Lord of the Rings and any Clive Barker
6. Favorite Movies? Anchorman, Doctor Sleep
7. Favorite food(s)? Tacos! Always Tacos! lol
8. Favorite places traveled?  Zihuatanejo
9. Hobbies?  Cooking, Video Games
10. What do you NOT like?  I would just say people should be good to each other.



1. Where were you born?  Albuquerque, New Mexico
2. Other bands you've been in? Heir Apparent,  Presto Ballet, Pamela Moore Band, Powertrain
3. Prized instrument you own?  Mike Lull T-4, '73 Fender P-Bass
4. Favorite albums?  "Images and Words" : Dream Theater, "Moving Pictures" : Rush, "Telekon" : Gary Numan, "New Clear Day" : The Vapors, ALL Dio-era Sabbath, and ALL Iron Maiden
5. Favorite Books?  Anything by Stephen King, especially the Bachman Books and the Dark Tower series, and anything by Michael Crichton.
6. Favorite Movies?  Anything STAR WARS, except for the ridiculous prequel trilogy, The Martian, Kong, Bohemian Rhapsody, Almost Famous
7. Favorite food(s)? Cheeseburgers at Dick's Drive-In
8. Favorite places traveled?  Athens Greece, Maui
9. Hobbies?  Tennis, Racquetball, Ping Pong... Racquet sports, I guess!
10. What do you NOT like?  E.T, Steely Dan, Rom-Coms, Rap masquerading as rock that actually gets played on rock radio!



1. Where were you born? Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Other bands you've been in?  Pamela Moore, The Element, A Dying Planet, Blue Helix, The Absent Light, Sigma Project, Peri Rocha, LoNero
3. Prized instrument you own? A JR Robinson Pearl Snare
4. Favorite albums? Symphony X -The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, Puscifer -Money Shot, Porcupine Tree -In Absentia, And many others, really hard question!

5. Favorite Books?  Biographies -John Bonham, Jaco Pastorious, Jeff Pocaro; Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
6.  Movies?  Anything Guy Ritchie, Tarantino, Nolan, Scorcese
7. Favorite food(s)? Italian, Brazilian
8. Favorite places traveled?   Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina
9. Hobbies?  Photography, Music, Computers
10. What do you NOT like?   Cilantro!
11. Anything else you would like the fans to know?    Music will always be with me, it has helped tremendously during my life and I also have met extraordinary people through it.