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FireWölfe’s new album "Conquer All Fear" and video "Candle In The Dark" are released! The band is excited to share it’s heaviest album yet with Metalheads everywhere!

The album features new vocalist Freddy Krumins (ex-James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising) on lead vocals as well as newcomers Marco Bicca (Pamela Moore, The Element, A Dying Planet) and guitarist Michael David (TKO), FireWölfe veteran Bobby Ferkovich (also Pamela Moore, Presto Ballet, Metal Church, Heir Apparent) on bass and band founder Nick Layton (ex-Q5) on guitars.

"Conquer All Fear" delivers power and melody throughout the album, from mid tempo powerhouses like "Vicious As The Viper" and "Magic (In Your Mind)" to uptempo skull crushers like "Pedal To Metal" and "Swallow My Pride", the songs keep coming at you in waves of metal glory. The album features the "Evil Eye Trilogy", the centerpiece of the album that is a collection of 3 songs that will take you on a metal journey that will have you head banging with delight.

"Conquer All Fear" also slows down occasionally as with the title track and the new video for the song "Candle In The Dark". This is a melodic, powerful tune that finds the band exploring heavy atmosphere and moody chord progressions that feature a killer vocal performance by Freddy Krumins and a great sing along chorus.

"Conquer All Fear" is produced & mastered by Bart Gabriel (Crystal Viper, Jack Starr, Jag Panzer, Hexx). Mixed by Cederick Forsberg (Crystal Viper, Marta Gabriel, Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone). Cover artwork by Dusan Markovic (Dragony, Symphonity, Jag Panzer, Thor, The Sound Of Thunder, Death Dealer). Check out FireWölfe’s new album "Conquer All Fear" today and get ready for a spellbinding Heavy Metal experience full of excellent performances from the band and a killer collection of songs that are sure to become fan favorites! Rock on!

Video by Tiziano Spigno (https://www.youtube.com/tizianospigno)

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New Video "Candle in the Dark"

FireWölfe is excited to release their 2nd single and video entitled "Pedal To Metal" from their upcoming album "Conquer All Fear" (out on Nov. 19th). 

Singer Freddy Krumins describes "Pedal To Metal" as an "adrenaline charged, attitude filled romp that needs no further explanation. Just plenty of volume and visualization of the open road." 

Musically the aggressive guitar riffing brings to mind uptempo good time Rock'n'Roll like classic Van Halen, while the vocals, bass and drums are full throttle throughout. The only slight break in the action is after the ripping guitar solos during a half time manic breakdown that sounds like Freddy K. is losing his mind! 

Indeed, "Pedal To Metal" has a simple message of putting your foot on the gas and getting where you want to go in life—so start your engines and get ready for a wild ride! 

As the lyric says "never low on fuel, that's the only rule!" 

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FIREWÖLFE to release new single and video for "Pedal To Metal" on October 22nd!

Start Your Engines!

We are excited to announce that the second single and video from FIREWÖLFES’s upcoming album “Conquer All Fear” will be released Friday, October 22nd!

“Pedal To Metal” is the title of the new single, and as the name suggests it is a fast paced hard rocking tune about heavy metal, hot rods and never settling for less than your absolute best!

“Pedal To Metal” gets straight to the point with an uptempo groove, muscular riffs and shredding guitar solos, as well as a powerful vocal performance by Freddy Krumins with lyrics that sound like an anthem for all heavy metal fans.

So jump in the car, strap yourself in and come along for the exciting ride that is the new FIREWÖLFE single “Pedal To Metal” on October 22nd!


“Vicious As The Viper” is FIREWÖLFE’s first single from their forthcoming album "Conquer All Fear". With crunchy guitars, melodic themes and catchy vocal hooks, this song represents all of the great musical qualities that FIREWÖLFE fans love.

Composed of veterans of the Hard Rock and US Metal scene, FIREWÖLFE is a veteran crew who’s members have played in legendary US Metal bands such as Metal Church, Q5, Pamela Moore Band, TKO, Heir Apparent, James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising, as well as progressive acts like A Dying Planet and The Element.

The bands highly anticipated new album "Conquer All Fear" wil be released on November 19th.

Video by Tiziano Spigno (https://www.youtube.com/tizianospigno)

For longer sound snippets and info visit: http://news.limb-music.com/firewolfe-...


Freddy Krumins - vocals (James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising)

Nick Layton - guitar (Q5)

Michael David – guitar (TKO)

Bobby Ferkovich - bass (Pamela Moore Band, Metal Church, Heir Apparent, Presto Ballet)

Marco Bicca - drums (Pamela Moore Band, The Element, A Dying Planet)


FireWölfe (2011)

We Rule The Night (2014)

Conquer All Fear (2021)